Vung Tau City Hash House Harriers
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Located in or near
Vung Tau
Viet Nam

Country Code: 84
Founding Info: Founded by John ''Anchor'' Murt in 27 Dec 1992
Schedule: Every Sunday 1 Pm for 1.30 Pm Depart, Any Weather
Meeting Place: Nang Vung Tau, 5 Le Ngoc Han, Ward 1, Vung Tau City, Viet Nam
# Trails: 1088
Membership: Family
Also facebook @VungTauHHH, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram. Copyright registered with Viet Nam Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, cert. #8995/2020/QTG. ''VTH3'' founded by master mariner captain John "Anchor" Murt, ex-Saigon H3 and ran continuously with mainly offshore oil & gas and other maritime workers until internal dissent halted ops in April 2011. Restarted ("re-Hashed") in July 2011 by Martin "Uncle" Ratia, Linh "Anti" Nguyen, Damien "Faulty Brakes" Moran and Gary "Hung Low" Cooper and has run continuously since then despite an (unsuccessful) attempt by breakaways early 2020 to compromise the brand (logo and name).
Martin Uncle Ratia
User ID: Linhmartin1
Continous WHO Member since at least 2 Dec 2011
Hm: Wk: Cell:
[email protected]

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