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27158 World HHH Members and Counting - Are You?
Welcome  to the home page for the world's most eccentric running club, the Hash House Harriers. Now with 2028 hash groups registered in the world directory, located in 1330 cities in 185 countries, it is easier than ever for you to find fun, trail, and friendship where you live.

Editor's Note: Go to the bottom about missing sites, missing haberdashery, Global Interhash schedule changes and schedule of site restoral.

The Hash House Harriers is a more social version of Hare and Hounds, where you join the pack of hounds (runners) to chase down the trail set by the hare or hares (other runners), then gather together for a bit of social activity known as the On In or Down Down with refreshment, humor, song and the occasional feast. In most groups, all are welcome, young and old, fast or slow, so don't wait to get in shape, just come on out and join us. The only prerequisite to hashing is a sense of humor, so check out a hash near you by clicking on the World Directory link, search for the group nearest you and ring up or email one of the contacts listed there. It's that simple.

If you do not know anything about the Hash House Harriers and would like to read up on us, or if you cannot find a group near you and are thinking of starting one, click on the Hash Bible. This is a complete hash reference book which includes history, mismanagement concepts, trail marking ideas, stories and more.

Become a member of the site so that you will have a lot more information about us opened up to you including more of the Hash Bible. We require membership to view many sections of this site because, like Las Vegas, what goes on in the hash stays in the hash. We have a wide variety of groups from children's groups to family hashes to adult only groups to pub crawls. What makes the Hash House Harriers so popular is that it is flexible and appeals to all segments of society. is under construction

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See you on Trail!

Cheers and On On!
Stray Dog

Editor's Note: Go to the bottom about missing sites, missing haberdashery and schedule of restoral.

This site was under intensive attacks by hacker or hackers for several months. I hope to have the site more secure and am in the slow process of recreating the site from backup data, as well as proofing it against further attacks. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause you.

Restoral Priorities: I plan to restore sections of the site in essentially the following priority: Marketplace (so everyone can get their goods), Directory, Global Interhash website, Hash Mail, Visual OnSec sites, WorldHashSpace websites, with others following as I can get to them.

Order Something and did not get it? One of the problems I am having is getting shipping addresses due to corruption of data due to the hacker attacks. I want to ship your goods, but am slowly piecing together the tables that hold your data. If you wish a status, email StrayDog [at]

Global Interhash at Heidelberg Moved! Due to the childish nature of the current people in the Heidelberg hash towards Global Interhash, we plan on cancelling the event for this year in Europe and holding it the first weekend in August in Birmingham, Alabama. Those who have paid may opt to attend in Birmingham, Alabama, USA; apply their fees towards full registration in Okinawa for 2014 or get a refund. To make your preferences known, contact StrayDog [at] If you do not respond on this by end of June, your fee will apply towards the Birmingham event.

However, Okinawa is still happening on 11 to 14 October 2014, after which we plan to continue the event bienially, rotating once again afterwards. Heidelberg not only failed to see the honor bestowed on them in being chosen, but promised to do everything in their power to challenge it, including holding their own event that weekend. Sadly, it was approved by their own founder and I, myself, attended the Heidelberg hash from the second run for another four years afterwards and was a member. Sad thing hashes are coming to nowadays. Former members of Heidelberg not only were looking forward to a reunion, but more than that Europe can thank them and them alone for preventing another world event from hitting Europe.

I apologize for putting this on the intro page, but again, many pages are still under revision to make up for all the attacks.

I feel I can get this back to normal within two months.

Cheers and On On! --- and I mean it to all you friendly hashers out there who understand what hashing is really about!

Stray Dog

"Hashing is a state of mind -
a friendship of kindred spirits joined together for the sole purpose of reliving their childhood or fraternity days, releasing the tensions of everyday life, and generally, acting a fool amongst others who will not judge you or measure you by anything more than your sense of humor."
Stray Dog

(from the Global Trash Hash Bible, a complete reference for the Hash House Harriers)