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The World Harrier Organization Manual is more of a book of harrier history, information, trail ideas and more about our culture than it is the "rulebook" the name implies. Various harrier groups function in their own way with their own traditions. However, we have laid down some basic traditions, many of which are common to hundreds, if not over a thousand, groups out there. We also discuss the basic creed of friendliness of the World Harrier Association and its goals to keep the sport alive in its more traditional form. For those who have not participated in hounds and hares before, this is a great book to learn about how to conduct, manage and start a harriers group.

This on-line version of the book is under construction and we will add more pages as time permits. Being reconstructed from the old Global Trash Hash Bible by its author, we hope to have the hard copy version available no later than end of Summer 2015. As goes the printed version, so goes the completion of the on-line version. Enjoy.

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